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Maybe it did not happen in Ocean City, Maryland, but a pizza story of this magnitude should at least be mentioned. You have seen the news. Maybe you heard it on the radio, but the longest pizza ever made record has been set.

But how big

is this pizza

compared to

Ocean City?

I can give you the number. It is 1.1 miles. Now I will put in that in perspective by comparing it to Ocean City, Maryland. That is about 10% of the distance of one end to the to another of Ocean City.

That means that If you were at the Ocean City Life Saving Museum you would have to go to about 8th street to equal the distance. And, I am not making this up, Pizza Mambo is on 8th and Philadelphia (remember it is an approximate map measurement.?

So the way to remember this record is that the longest pizza is from the far south of Ocean City Maryland to the Pizza Mambo Philadelphia location.

Here is the clip from Naples Italy. I commend them on their achievement. I would not recommend trying this at home but it is fun to watch.

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